There is nothing worse then seeing your prized RI, CT, or MA Residential or Commercial lawn covered with stumps, fallen branches, leaves, and worse yet, wood eating insects. Diseased trees need to be cut down and removed as they not only are a risk to you and your family or employees but also the establishments around the dying tree. Mister Tree Inc. is Rhode Islands leader in Tree Removal in RI, CT, and MA. You will receive friendly, knowledgeable service that is not only local to you but also the experts in their field. Also, Regularly scheduled tree maintenance can improve the value of your property and help to identify and prevent potential risk from dying or diseased trees. When branches from diseased trees overhang a neighbors yard, the trees owner is at risk for fallen limbs, trees, and more! This can be very costly as well as dangerous to both your neighbors and your family. What Is Tree Care & Maintenance? The term “tree care” covers a wide range of activities all designed to beautify your property and make it safe. As a property owner, it helps to know as much about the trees on your property as possible so that you can know just what to look for and what steps can be taken to maintain them. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule a free tree service estimate in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, call us at 401.692.9896 today!

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Mister Tree Inc. is a Professional Tree Care Service Company located in Exeter, Rhode Island. As an insured company, with RI license number: 616, our main priority is to always provide complete, efficient, and reliable services at competitive rates. We always offer free estimates to all our clients.

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We are licensed and qualified arborists.

We are licensed and qualified arborists.