Why is Shrub Care Important One common shrub pruning error is to concentrate solely on the shrub’s exterior surface. Depriving the inner structure of sufficient light for photosynthesis can lead to “hollow shrub” syndrome and a much shorter lifespan. Natural shrub pruning promotes healthy growth and dense foliage and provides an attractive, three-dimensional view. What are the Benefits of Shrub Care

  • Health
  • Structural
  • Appearance and Restoration
  • Safety
  • Visual Access

Increase your landscape’s value, and enhance its beauty with Mister Tree Inc’s Pruning Services. Mister Tree Inc. creates visual access to picturesque views, while maintaining privacy where desired. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule a free tree service estimate in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, call us at 401.692.9896 today!

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Mister Tree Inc. is a Professional Tree Care Service Company located in Exeter, Rhode Island. As an insured company, with RI license number: 616, our main priority is to always provide complete, efficient, and reliable services at competitive rates. We always offer free estimates to all our clients.

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We are licensed and qualified arborists.

We are licensed and qualified arborists.